Clark's Thoughts

Theft Safety First

To avoid becoming the next victim of identity theft you must place safety first. Identity theft is one of the leading crimes today that is claiming the control of millions of people and costing us a fortune to recover from the crime. You heard me right; it is costing us a fortune, since we make of the loss of identity theft by paying higher costs for foods, gas, products, and so forth. When a person loses their identity, they become a long-living victim, since the victim pays for the crime that the thief acted upon.

It is unfortunate that we are in a world were the victim often pays more than the criminal for a crime, thus putting safety first is the only way we can protect our self from the criminals and the enforcers that force the victims to pay.

Crime in itself is constant, thus identity crime, is when a person takes hold of another person’s information and utilizes it to make purchases, open accounts, escape crimes, commit additional crimes, and so forth. When a person gains hold of your identity it is an ongoing process to gain control of your life. Unfortunately, few states offer identity theft victims the ability to FREEZE the credit reports, and when I say unfortunately…I mean that not all states have this law available. Freezing the credit reports is the best way to protect your identity further, since if you are allowed to Freeze the accounts, only you will have access to those reports. Some states place a Fraud Alert on the credit reports, which provides no protection to you, and it makes you look bad.

If you are victim of identity theft, learn the steps to take to prevent ongoing activity. The first step is to contact the authorities and provide them all information available to you about the crime. Next, you will need to go online and report the crime to the government. The Federal Trade Commission has a site online that enables you to file a complaint, which the information is handed over to the FBI and government officials, who have put up an identity theft team force to find the perpetrators. The act of filing the complaint is essential, since the FBI and government can reach further to find the perpetrator over the local authorities. A victim of identity theft should also request copies of their credit reports and alert the companies that they were robbed of their identity. The person should also close any accounts in their names and immediately contact their credit card providers, letting them know they are a victim of identity theft.

To protect your self from identity theft it is important to learn the steps to protect yourself. Companies’ offline and online have a legal obligation to you, to keep information giving to them private from other companies’ and individuals, however, there are companies’ offline and online they disregard the law and will sell, lease or give your information to other companies or individuals. It makes sense to conduct a background check on any service provider or company to make sure that the source is reputable. If you are making purchases offline at department stores make sure, the company has a good reputation.

Recently, a store opened in our area that offered equipment and services to the community, however, the person was not a reputable source, and thus anyone giving their information to this person was at risk. As you can see, anyone can be the perpetrator of identity theft. Although, no one was affected by this person symptoms were available that did hold potential risks.

Nowadays, we cannot trust anyone with our personal information. Putting safety first can prevent thieves from taking control of our lives. Thus, do not give your social security number or other information over the phone lines, unless you know for sure who these people are. Even then, you should use caution, since cellular phones and cordless phone lines can produce leakages, especially if the neighboring area has Scanners or other devices that make it possible to listen in to conversations conducting over the phone.